In all gardens she combines both formal and naturalistic planting, combining topiary and evergreens for structure, with bulbs, perenniels, and grasses for interest throughout the seasons, creating gardens that are easily maintained and look beautiful all year round.

Current projects include the construction of the garden around a recently converted farmhouse near Chipping Norton to include terraces, vegetable and cutting garden, a woodland garden and orchard; the redesign of the walled vegetable garden at Chorlton Hall in Cheshire; and the design for a new garden with pool, tennis court and wildflower meadows near Oxford. And in Kew in London the complete renovation and replanting of all walled garden with swimming pool.

She continues to develop her own garden in the Cotswolds, this year with the construction of a natural swimming pool in the field in front of the house, complete with a beautiful rustic oak deck and waterside and aquatic planting. It has provided wonderful fresh water swimming all through the summer and is truly a haven for wildlife, with large dragonflies swooping over your head as you swim. She hopes to be able to incorporate a swimming pond in a project in future. She continues to embrace a more naturalistic feel to some areas of the garden, with new wildflower planting in the orchard and the planting of a woodland area.

On the gallery page are a snapshot of some completed gardens. More details of drawings, planting and construction, along with before and after photos available on request.